Review Guide:How we review our books?

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  • Name
  • Author
  • Quote
  • Short Summary (no spoilers)
  • In public or under the covers?
    • This refers to how sexy is the book. Is there a make-out scene? More? Would you be embarrassed to read this in front of your mom?
  • Mood
    • Here we talk about if it is a sad/happy/insane/etc. book and how it will affect your mood.
  • Main character – yay or nay?
    • Would we want to be besties with him or her?
  • Getting Over (male’s/female’s name here)
    • If there is a love interest in the book, he or she will be talked about here.
  • Character Fever
    • Any other characters in the book that we just love love love?
  • Crust factor
    • Was there anything weird, wrong or just plain “crusty” about the book?
  • Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
    • Sometimes a book’s cover can make or break its quality. Unfortunately unfair but, true
  • Song this reminds me of
    • Songs can evoke any memory or feeling. In this case, we’ll chose a song that is parallel to the book.
  • Movie or TV show: how does it stack up?
    • If there is a movie or TV adaptation, we’ll talk about it here.
  • Recommendations
    • If you liked this book, you’ll enjoy…
  • Future Companion Novels?
    • Any sequels? 

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